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I’m Asjad.

User Experience Designer based



Currently shaping &
enhancing digital experiences 

Custom Interactions GmbH is an award-winning Data-Driven UX Design Agency for safety, business, & mission-critical systems for the German market that supports customers in designing high end products.

Clients: Smiths DetectionDeutsche Telekom, Arkona Technologies
Custom Medical, a part of Custom Interactions, specializes in Usability engineering for medical devices and supports human factors engineering process, formative & summative usability evaluations, UI and IFU design.

Clients: BIG direct, Acousticon Hörsysteme GmbH, Sentec GmbH



Relaunch for the statutory direct health insurance app in Germany

Health insurance made easy through an optimal UX resulting into a clearly structured service app.


Digital Patient Dashboard

Simplified Virtual Healthcare Portal

Health portal that facilitates remote monitoring for doctors

with a comprehensive overview of essential and critical patient information.


A News app that

re-establishes trust, counters mis-information, and promotes unbiased journalism.

The new-gen news app



Health & fitness assistance for heroes

Health portal for scientists working in remote locations with limited support.



Adapting lifestyle

to new normal via NOA application

An app to assist people make better informed decisions while going out during COVID 19


What I bring
to the table

Leadership & Team Collab:

I excel in leading design teams, fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration. My leadership sparks innovation, ensuring seamless team coordination.

Inclusive & User Centric Design:

With a profound understanding of user needs, behaviors, and accessibility, my design decisions are rooted in enhancing user satisfaction for a wide user base.

Strategic Thinking:

This part is a cornerstone of my approach where I align design initiatives with broader business objectives, ensuring their direct contribution to organizational goals.

Design Process & Methodology:

This part is a cornerstone of my approach where I align design initiatives with broader business objectives, ensuring their direct contribution to organizational goals.

Visual Identity / Branding:

Grounded in a solid foundation of visual design principles, I bring expertise in layout, typography, color theory, and branding, where the UX will communicate  brand identity effectively.

Stakeholder Management:

Building and nurturing relationships with stakeholders is a strength,  ensuring transparency and collaborative decision-making throughout the design journey.

Emerging Technologies:

Staying ahead in the fast-paced world of design is my commitment. I am always attuned to the latest design trends, emerging technologies, and industry innovations.

Project Management:

Project delivery is a well-honed skill. I bring strong project management capabilities to the table, ensuring that design projects are executed with precision—on time, within the budget.

Isabelle M. Conner

Generali Group Chief Marketing & Customer Officer

Asjad joined Generali when the entire Brand identity was being refreshed. His contribution was essential to adapting Generali’s new look & feel to digital and offline assets. Asjad adapted to our company culture very well, working independently when needed yet always being a collaborative member of our high-performance team. 

His key strength is not shying away from challenging tasks, delivering under pressure, & always meeting deadlines.
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